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Random amusing moments

or: why I love my readers.

So i've gotten some great comments on my fics over the years, though being called a "heart murdering monster" is probably one of my favorites and makes me cackle every time I think about it. And I can honestly say there's nothing more flattering or awe-inspiring than being told I've inspired someone else to start/continue writing.  That being said, in all my fics now I include a link to my plotbunny page where I have ALL of my plotbunnies listed for every fandom that they've shown up for, that way they can leave feedback or even leave ideas of their own that they'd like to see me tackle (and I have a place to refer back to because I forget about them otherwise).  One very enthusiastic reader of mine asked me the other day if I had Patreon because they would pay me to write some of these ideas, which as lovely as that sounds, we've seen how well my writing muses have been going this year *handwaves to previous update posts here* lol.  But what just had me smothering giggles, as the hubby is sleeping soundly next to me, someone just said they "would summon cthulhu for this" in regards to one of my ideas and that is so freaking awesome and hilarious I had to share with someone.

What are some of the best compliments/insults/comments you guys have gotten on your work that either make you feel all warm and fuzzy or bust out laughing?
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