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I did a thing!

Okay, first, I finally got actual words for one of my actual fics done for the first time this year!  Second, I completed one of my WIPs!!! *happy dance* Only 20 more to go, like literally *facepalm*

In case any of you are curious about my fic:

Birthday Wishes and Surprise Kisses
Fandom: Sense8
Characters/Pairings: everybody, focus on Will/Riley and Will/Wolfgang

Summary: It's been a year since the Cluster came together, they've defeated Whispers and his people, cleared all their names and are finally able to start living their lives again. But first, it's their birthday, and that's the perfect excuse for them to all come together in person finally. There are friends and family to meet and a party to plan. And maybe a couple of guys find they have more in common than they originally thought.

Read the whole thing on AO3 or the last chapter on LJ
Tags: challenge: wip push, exclaim: woohoo!

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