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January count!

I am always a bit slow to get going as most of you know, and since I forgot completely about doing the January count all this past long weekend in my part of the world (Monday was a holiday, in lieu of Saturday, for our national day, Waitangi Day on the 6th), in favour of binge-watching "The Untamed" on Netflix (I'm up to ep12 for any fellow fans of this Chinese fantasy adventure!).

However, I finally got my act together and have the numbers for you now!


Image word: 77 x 1,000. This is wonderful!

Written word: 147,111. What a great way to begin the year!

1_million_words Total words to date 2021: 224,111

You guys are so freaking AWESOME!!!

Don't forget, we have two challenges going for you this month: WIP Push and Three Sentence fic! Grab hold of some of the prompts, pull out a WIP and get to it, or pull up some words and make something short and sweet!

Whatever you do, let's be creative out there!!! ;-)
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