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For 1_million_words Three Sentence challenge:  Philophobia:  Fear of love
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Character(s): Stiles (implied Stiles/Peter)
Words: 120
Warnings: none, angsting? mentions of past traumatic events?
A/n: Trying out this three sentence thing.  These phobias are completely off the wall to me and I'm having to wrap my mind around some of them but here goes.  Also, hey, I did WORDS!

Stiles was terrified of love, not the cute fluffy hearts and cupids kind, but the thing that grabbed hold of the heart and sunk its claws in and, when it was torn away, left you ripped open and bleeding. He'd watched what deep abiding love had done to his father after his mother had died, making him a shell of the man he once was; seen how fucked up Derek still was after the death of his first love Paige and Kate's twisting of those emotions and the spell Jennifer had cast on him on top of all of that.  No, Stiles wanted nothing to do with love, no matter how charming and good looking that asshole Peter could be.
Tags: challenge: three sentence fic, creation: fic

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