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Other Creative Endeavours Count

Here is the Other Creations counter that I promised you. This is not for counting on the comm, and won't be included in the year's total figures, but since so many of us are creative in other ways, we thought it would be fun to talk about those things and encourage each other through the year.

We ask that in this post, you do not comment on anyone else’s comment. LJ will only let us update comments if they have no response. If you are not a current LJ user or cannot update your own information, then leave the updated information as a comment to your own comment, or contact one of the maintainers.

Please start an original comment thread below using the following text box:

Can I also ask you to use the subject line: 'Your Name's Creative Count 2021' for your count (see mine for example), so that when I get the notifications, I can easily sort them! THANK YOU!

Tell us about things you've made, created, built, knitted, crocheted, sewed, sculpted, painted, designed, grew, or any other description you care to add in here. As long as it's something you contributed to in some way, but doesn't fall into the categories 'words' and/or 'graphics' that we count in the other counters, you can tell us about it here!

There will be an additional thread in this for you to chat and comment about things you're making; things you want help or advice on, or just to tell someone in the comm how much you like what they've added - please use this thread rather than adding to someone's 'count' comment, just so we can keep things in order.

Start a new thread for a particular topic too, if you like; that's all good! Add pics too, if you want. Please use a heading of some sort in the subject line though, as my inbox will drive me nuts if I can't sort it somehow! ;-) All I ask beyond that, is BE NICE! If you're not interested or don't like something, pass on by!

Update this when it's convenient, whether this is the end of the month or partway through. It doesn't matter so much, as it won't be in any count on the comm. This post is for fun and interest ONLY!

Let's all be creative, everyone!
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