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Funday Monday!

How are you all doing today? A little over halfway through the month and we're doing awesome, in my opinion anyway!

I've decided to knit a temperature blanket this year, there was a yarn shipping snafu, but it finally arrived at the end of last week. You are supposed to knit a row every day with a color that is dependent on the local temp based on a chart that you make up. I don't for a minute think that I will work on it every single day, but it was nice to get going on it over the weekend and actually knit through the 2+ weeks that I was already behind. And by nice I mean that it was good to know that I can catch up every other weekend if need be. And that's me for the week, creative but not words! What have you all been up to?

You're flash challenged is: "Dude, that's cold." Do with that what you will!

Big Buddy: You should be 58% done on your goals. Call it out if you're there! Call it out if you aren't and we'll cheer for you and push!

Our long challenge that runs through the end of February has started!!! WIP PUSH! - Come on and clear up the things you've had collecting electronic dust!

Prompts this week have been:
Diction - Tarriance - 108 - B - Doldrums - Supercilious - Thursday Tropes - Weekend Challenge - Duplicitous - Scunner - Slow Sated Sunday - Psephology - Satisfice

My plans for this week are to only stay late 2 days, keep up with the blanket, and take a browse through old WIPs and see what I can get cleaned up and posted. How about you?
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