Lady Tamara (agdhani) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lady Tamara

Weekend Challenge: Wisdom and Humor

As a last minute fill in for this weekend challenge, I have collected 30 bits of wisdom/humor from the wordsmith Tim Minchin. Some are lyrics, some are from his comedy sketches, some come from interviews.

I am often awed by his turn of phrase and wish I could emulate his wit and phrasing. Comedians often seem to possess a special turn of wisdom...or at least the ability to make us see things in ways we hadn't. And because I've been obsessed with Tim's new album since it came out, a quote challenge he has provided ;)

Give me a number (or more!) between 1 and 30 and I'll give you the corresponding quote. Use them in whatever way inspires you before next weekend's challenge, giving at least 200 words or 2 icons and I'll reward you with either words on my WIP, my undying devotion, icons in exchange, or a banner if you give me the dimensions you need/prefer :)
Tags: weekend: challenge

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