jujukittychick (jujukittychick) wrote in 1_million_words,

You've Got To Have A Little Faith

Merry Trope-mas Day #30: Quarantine, 1_million_words 100 in 100: recover

Fandom: NCIS/Buffy:tVS
Characters/Pairings: Kate, McGee, Gibbs, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Tony/Faith
Words: 2,935
Warnings: mentions of mild plague symptoms?

A/N:Two days left and I’m seriously running out of steam for these things. This is the most I’ve written *ever*!  So yeah, fun times. I’m turning into a pumpkin on
Friday 12:01AM lol.  So, I don’t really write NCIS, I’ve done a grand total of one fic in the past, conveniently enough for another challenge, and I haven’t watched the plague episode since it probably first came on tv, what, over a decade ago? Yeah, this is gonna be handwavy as hell, but here we go.  Oh yeah, somebody asked me for a NCIS rare pair fic, and well, this doesn’t have any of the specific pairs, but it is NCIS?

Summary: Tony has been diagnosed with the Plague of all things so he asks to make a call to someone, just in case.  NCIS was not prepared for the fallout

Read on AO3 or LJ
Tags: challenge: 100-in-100, creation: fic

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