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I did the thing!!

Guys, y'all are awesome and I can not believe how much I've written since I've joined your community. I got a blackout bingo, I've done weekend challenges and unofficial swap of joy fills, and now I completed A-Z. My mind is mostly fried at this point from all the writing, but I have four days left of my personal Trope-mas challenge, and then I'm collapsing into a pile of goo for New Years lol.

1-million-words A-Z TABLE

01. A - All I Want For Christmas 02. B - Behind Blue Eyes 03. C - Christmas With the Parkers 04. D - Don't Wake Me Up
05. E - Every Breath You Take 06. F - Five Fake Dates 07. G - Gentlemen Don't Kiss and Tell 08. H - Here For A Good Time
09. I - In The Middle of The Night 10. J - Just My Type 11. K - Kiss Me, Asshole 12. L - Let Me Know the Real You
13. M - Mood Wing 14. N - Not Without You 15. O - Oversharing and Overtures 16. P - Peppermint Sticks
17. Q - Quietly Brilliant 18. R - Rescue Me 19. S - Sharing is Caring 20. T - Taking
21. U - Under a Cursed Moon 22. V - Vicious 23. W - Wishing 24. X - Xander Manages Some Mischief Makers
25. Y - Your Name On My Skin 26. Z - Zigged Instead of Zagged


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