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Unofficial Swap of Joy - Zigged Instead of Zagged

Merry Trope-mas Day #26: Bodyswap, 1_million_words a-z challenge - Z, stories_a_z  challenge - Z

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Chris/Stiles, Sheriff/Derek
Words: 873
Warnings: none, just fluff

Summary: Derek and Stiles got zapped in their latest fight against a witch.  Waking up and finding out who the other one is sleeping with was a way worse punishment than they deserved.

A/N: Pretty sure I remember somebody asking for both Stiles/Chris and Sheriff/Derek, so here's a two-for! So many choices for this one, though it did give me a great idea for a Teen Wolf/Jurassic World Owen & Stiles crossover that I want to do at some point

Read on AO3 or LJ
Tags: challenge: a to z, challenge: swap of joy, creation: fic

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