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Weekend Challenge: Random Things and Phrases

Hi, all! I hope everyone who celebrates in December had a good holiday, in spite of the challenges this year. Our festivities were fun, but they ate up the entire day for me - so thank you for your patience as I get the weekend challenge going a bit late.

It feels like after all the thought that goes into a holiday season, some randomness might be a good thing. I found a new prompt generator that gave me 30+ words and short, 2-3 word phrases. Let me know you're in, and I'll send you 1, 2 or 3 prompts- if you don't specify I'll send three.

The usual reward offers apply: Post by Friday night, 11pm Eastern US and I'll gladly make you a few icons, write you a ficlet, or put words on a wip if you don't specify a reward.
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