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For 1_million_words a-z challenge - A and their unofficial Swap of Joy, Merry Trope-mas Day #12: Best Friends to Lovers

Fandom: Banlieu 13 (District 13/D-13)
Characters/Pairings: Lola, Damien/Leito
Words: 1,835
Warnings: non-descriptive handjobs

Summary: Damien decides to play Santa for Leito and Lola, but they’re not the only ones that wind up with a present by the end of the night.

A/N: This is essentially full of most of the holiday stuff prompts, decorations and lights and all things merry and bright lol. A little bit of non-descriptive handjobs, and a whole lot of holiday fluff and feels

All I Want For Christmas


Little comm. that could
One Million Words



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