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Unofficial Swap of Joy - Peppermint Sticks (NSFW)

For 1_million_words a-z challenge- P and their unofficial Swap of Joy, stories_a_z - P, Merry Trope-mas Day #9: Christmas/New Years

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Jackson
Words: 2,155
Warnings: sex, language

Summary: Derek never thought he’d appreciate a candy so much

A/N: alternately known as “Peppermint Sticks and Better Things to Lick”
Somebody asked for Derek/Jackson (who I don't normally write, so this was a fun change) and somebody liked candy canes so here we have some holiday PWP (no candy was used for unintended purposes lol)

Peppermint Sticks
Tags: challenge: swap of joy, creation: fic

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