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Weekend Challenge: Weird Gifts

Happy December all!

In preparation for that rush of last-minute 'OMG I forgot them'-gift ideas, I bring you 101 weird and random gifts*, good for almost anyone in your life! Maybe it's something your character of choice gives; maybe they've received it? Maybe it's a gift they've had for years and it holds a special place in their hearts?

Maybe it's been found in the back of a creepy attic and is just plain cursed!

Now, before you start looking at your calendars... YES, this post is a day early. I'll be traveling tomorrow ((impromptu birthday weekend getaway was impromptu -- Figured best bet was to have this posted when I'm in front of a computer, opposed to making y'all wait until I get to the hotel, tomorrow night ♥))

Usual rules apply: Request as many as you want ; use as you are inspired!

*all items in the original list appear to link back to Amazon, if you need more detail than the blurb offers
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