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Monday on Tuesday from NZ, yet again!

And it's Monday on a Tuesday for me, but as many of you are still on Monday, I feel like I'm just scraping in! I hope your day goes well!

I hope all my American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving last week - I love the idea of it, though we don't celebrate - and that all of us still have many things to be thankful for. I know I'm thankful my family and friends are well and healthy, and have survived thus far in this very crazy year.

So here we are, in December at last - well, nearly for any of you not over the dateline yet! - and it feels like too soon in many ways, although there was a time earlier this year when it felt like it would never get here. I actually started Christmas shopping this last weekend, so yay! Hope to get the rest done soon too - thankfully I don't have many to buy for, and I don't think anyone in my immediate circle is planning to go crazy on spending money, so here's hoping it's not a bank-breaker for anyone!

Now, onto the comm. stuff! You should be at 100% of your goal for Big Buddy, of course! I hope you made it, and that a brand new month brings you many more words! Congrats to all of you who managed words for Nano and Bingo, and even bigger CONGRATULATIONS for those who made their Nano 50K!!! *throws confetti*

We have the usual bunch of challenges, like Daily Count, A-Z, Numbers, Fortune Cookie, Weekend, Word of the Day, from last week, so check out the tags for prompts and ideas.

And our new challenges for December are Swap of Joy and Advent! if you haven't already signed up, you may just squeeze in for SoJ if you head over there RIGHT NOW! And there's two days ONE DAY left in Advent - the 12th and the 22nd, so can I sell them it now too? Remember even the smallest post of fun/happiness/love, even as small as a haiku, would do! *smiles encouragingly*.

Flash Challenge for today: All is not lost! Give us 100+ words just for the pleasure of saying you did it! Link it here, if you like - I'd love to see it! ;-)

And that's me! How is your week starting, and what do you have planned to make it awesome?

Let's be creative out there! ;-)
Tags: challenge: advent, challenge: big buddy, challenge: swap of joy, monday: accolades

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