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Bingo: The Last Day

Hello Bingo Buddies! How did you go with the cards this time around? I hope you found something that inspired you, and if you're still working on something, this is the last day reminder - get it finished today if you can, and I'll do my best to make a reward banner for you soon! If not today, then work at your own pace and post when you can. I probably won't capture that for a rewards banner, but it will still count towards the 1MW total word count!

If you're posting any time today, or have already posted, don't forget to link us to your creations - either here, or back to the cards/rules posts, which are linked at the top left of the comm home page. If you've already linked, pop in here to remind me what you managed, be it one square, a line, corners, or a complete blackout! YOU GUYS ROCK, no matter what you did. ;-)
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