Lady Tamara (agdhani) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lady Tamara

NaNo 2020: Programs and Websites

I've gathered some websites and programs useful for editing that I thought I would share. Some I use, some I've not tried yet but they look promising.

For straight-up writing, there is of course Microsoft Word, Scrivner, & Google Docs. I've come across frequent mentions of Evernote, Hemmingway Editor and Freedom (which helps limit distractions online while you're writing). I'm a MS Word gal myself, as I've been using it almost forever (my original Mac had Word Perfect...but that was back in the stone age!) What do you guys use or recommend? What do you like about your choice...or dislike?

There are 2 editing sites I found that look helpful:

Typically I use Word's editor in combination with Grammarly ( and Natural Reader ( You have to use some of your own judgment with Grammarly and Word's editor since they are not really designed for fiction and have issues with dialogue and narrative storytelling. By using Natural Reader to hear my words read back to me as I follow on the page, I weed out repetitive words, clunky structure, stilted dialogue, misused words and the like (that are spelled correctly but not used correctly).

Does anyone else have recommendations?

As a side note: I came across this site when looking for content and though its the end of the month...a plot generator is always hand ;)
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