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Weekend Challenge - Come and Meet The Letter People

I was all prepared to go one way with this week's challenge, but yesterday when I woke up, a song from my childhood popped into my brain and I had to go with it:

Come and meet the Letter People
Come and visit the family
Words are made of Letter People
A, B, C, D, follow me.
(If you've ever seen it, I apologize for the earworm)

The Letter People was a show that originated in my hometown of St Louis and featured rather crude puppets with letters affixed to them and helped kids learn how to read. I came up during the first version of the program- all the "Miss" puppets were vowels and all the "Mister" puppets were consonants. Each one would have a word or an adjective and a word attached to it. Miss A was "A'choo", for example, and Mr. N was "Noisy Nose". It was weird, but did a pretty good job getting the point of reading across. The show went off the air for a while, then got an update where they evenly divided the letters between the Ms. and the Mr. characters and got rid of any words they deemed negative.

So, this week, give me a letter or letters from A-Z and I'll give you the corresponding character name(s). Use all or part of the name in a story of 200+ words or a piece of art by midnight next Thursday, November 26 and I'll reward you with either a drabble or words to my WIP.

Happy writing!
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