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Advent sign-ups!

Hello everyone! How is your lead-up to the Festive Season going in this very strange year? Need some more fun and creation in your life? How about an Advent event?

So, while kaige68 is running Swap of Joy, I am looking for your creations for Advent!. As the SoJ posting will all be on the 24th December, which will provide us all lots of gifts to view that day, I'm going to run a slightly non-traditional Advent starting on the 1st December and running to the 23rd.

It's going to be a free-for-all in the respect that you can create anything you like: big or small; fic, video, graphics, something pretty for us to look at; any fandom, your own original creation, an amusing tale from your life - anything at all that you think will brighten our days! It can be Christmas-themed, but doesn't have to be.

All I ask is that you sign up for a day and create or share something with everyone on that day. There will be no issues if you suddenly can't make it for any reason, but it would be really great if we got 23 days of Advent surprises before the reveal of SoJ makes for the 24th, don't you think?

And you can choose more than one day, but I'll only allocate you one to start with, in case we have 23 people who want to join in! If, by some chance, more than 23 people put their hand up, I'll happily allow more than one Advent event each day and those of you who wish to do a 2nd (or even 3rd!) day, will get to post on the same day as someone else, as well.

The only other rule is that you must post (as close to your day as possible) without a reminder! Posting on your day in your own timezone is the easiest way to work this, and any time of the day works! If you're a bit early or a bit late, that is also OK, as we have members from many places on the planet, which means "it's five o'clock somewhere", to quote Jimmy Buffett!

Sign up here in a comment with the day or days you'd like, and I'll add you into the list below the cut! First in, first served! If you want more than one date, put your first date choice first, then if we need a second round I'll allot you other dates later.

Any questions? Ask away - there are no dumb questions (except if it has already been answered above... 🤪 )

1 December: jdl71
2 December: jennytork
3 December: [personal profile] thatwasjustadream
4 December: haldoor
5 December: agdhani
6 December: goneahead
7 December: goneahead
8 December: [personal profile] thatwasjustadream
9 December: simplyn2deep
10 December: skargasm
11 December: simplyn2deep
12 December: shanachie_quill & jdl71
13 December: kitmerlot1213
14 December: cmk418
15 December: kitmerlot1213
16 December: backrose_17
17 December: tellshannon815
18 December: sharpiesgal
19 December: simplyn2deep
20 December: agdhani
21 December: agdhani
22 December: agdhani
23 December: haldoor

I'll leave this up for a week with first choices in, and then hand out 2nd and 3rd dates, etc where people have requested them. I'll also hold off assigning any to myself till everyone else has had a chance to grab some days. ;-)
Tags: challenge: advent

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