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Swap of Joy with a change of pace!

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! And my favorite thing is the giving! I adore it to bits!!!

But I am a slacker. *sigh*

Anyway - haldoor and I were discussing the SOJ, and what to do this year. The number of participants have declined over the years and last year 3 of us never posted our gifts last year, including me which brings me quite a bit of shame. (I swear, I adore you. I DO!) So....

New plan:

1 - Let's do smaller gifts. This year a Joy will consist of a drabble or an icon as a minimum. A little way to appreciate each other, a small way to say "Great job this year, you rock!"
2 - Let's expand our portfolio. This year we will randomize the Joys. The Joyfills are small and we are awesome, we can do anything.
3 - Let's get it done. This year all Joys will be posted on December 24th. We can schedule posts in advance, and there is no requirement for a beta read this year. We've got this!

1 – If you sign up for a Joy you must fill a Joy in return.
2 – Joy fills can be written or graphic. Written Joy fills should be a minimum of 100 words. Graphic Joy fills should be a minimum of an icon. Sure you can do more. You know how I feel about more words and graphics.
3 – Each Joy should be an individual post to the comm and not a comment (you can post elsewhere and post a link post at the comm).

1 - Sign ups are right here in this post. Copy the small form into a comment, fill it out. All comments are screened.
2 - Sign ups start now and are open until 5pm EST on November 30th.
3 - Usernames will be thrown into a randomizer and you will be notified by PM of what user's Joy you are filling(hopefully by the end on my day on December 1st).
4 - Post your Joyfill for viewing on December 24th, as long as it is the 24th somewhere in the world, you are good to post.


For further questions please comment here or PM either kaige68 or haldoor
Tags: challenge: swap of joy

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