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Counting help!

Hello there!!!

I got a DM from goneahead who had answered a question in our FAQ about how to count things when you aren't going by a fan fic site that gives you a count. It was suggested that I share those words of wisdom with you all as well as another tool that goneahead has recently discovered.

Firstly, wordcounter.net was suggested.
i post the fic, then copy all the words and paste them into this word counter wordcounter, it will automatically tally up everything! which not only counts words, but also shows you which words you keep repeating in your fic :)

And then goneahead found this thing!

I just found a second super helpful tool. I like to use google docs to write , but if you try to paste from google docs to A03, you get a lot of weird coding problems. Well, if you paste from google docs to this tool and then past from this tool to A03, you can fix about 80-85% of the coding problems (and I am assuming it would work for people using word too?)


Anyway, I thought I can't be the only one who is being driven nuts by the google docs to AO3 issues, and maybe other people in the comm might be interested?

I know I have issues going from word to AO3 so this looks great. THANK YOU goneahead!!!!!
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