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Weekend Challenge: can you pick the song from it's intro?

Welcome to this weekend's challenge! I don't know about you, but I'm well and truly ready for the weekend! Bonus: I have this next week off work as my husband and I are driving to Christchurch to visit our daughter & her boyfriend, both of whom moved there a few weeks ago! We have to deliver her car and guinea pigs, along with a few other bits that they didn't want going in the removal truck. Anyway, road trip starts Tuesday!

In honour of that and somewhat unrelated, I have come up with the usual (for me!) musically-inspired prompts to kick you off this weekend, and hopefully get you creating. I have 23 songs with something quirky at the start of it (talking, particular noises or unusual music intros). You may know them instantly; you may not know them at all!

Offer me a number or numbers from 1 to 23 and I'll give you a prompt to match. I'll link you to the song on YouTube (if I can) so you can see if it inspires you with the intro, the music, the lyrics or even the look and feel of the video - whatever works for you!

Write 200+ words or make some graphics (icon/s, banner, or more) before midnight Thursday in your own timezone, and I'll reward you with an icon or a drabble for your trouble. Link it back to this post when you're done so I know to make your reward!

I'll be back in my morning to hand out the prompts. Right now though? It's sleepy-time! G'night! ;-)
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