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How is it Monday again?

So here I am, actually attempting this on a Monday again - it's a miracle! I am at work, and as things are easing off a little on the craziness I've been dealing with over the last few months, I have been able to take a breath now and then and give some attention to things like this.

K also suggested I do the monthly count in with it, but as I have the spreadsheet at home, I think I'll leave it till I can look at that.

You should be at about 6.666666...% of your goal for Big Buddy, since we're just starting in on the month - how are you doing?

We have the usual bunch of challenges, like Daily Count, A-Z, Numbers, Fortune Cookie, Weekend, Word of the Day, from last week, so check out the tags for prompts and ideas.

The current long challenges are Nano and Bingo! and they run to the end of November, so go find a bingo card to play with if you think it will help with Nano, or just play with the card on whatever you like if you're not doing Nano this year!

Your flash challenge for today is: Don't give me that! Do what you will with it for the pleasure of knowing you created something extra! Link it here if you feel so inclined!

And finally, what exciting and/or creative plans do you have for this week, comm-related or otherwise? I am trying to finish off my Christmas cards, as they need to be posted by the end of this month, and I still need to finalise the list, ensure I have up-to-date addresses, and write a newsletter to go with a few of them, so I need to get cracking! On top of that, I have a baby hat to finish knitting, and I'm attempting making a mini crocheted Christmas tree, which I'm not sure I have right, so I need to play with that some more!

Now, let's be creative out there! Have a great week, everyone!! ;-)

Sorry about the lack of links again... I'm totally losing it on that front lately
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