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Word wars today!

Hi, everyone! It's the first day of NaNo and I'm looking to pad my word count for a few slacking days later on in the month, so, to that end, I'm going to be running 2 sets of word wars/timed writings today (accessible through this post). The first will be from 12:30-2:30pm CST and the second will be from 8-9:30pm CST.

Jump in for one or both sessions, for a full session or just a round or two, and let's get this month off to a flying start. You don't need to be participating in NaNo to do this, so gather up those WIPs or prompts that are tempting you for something new and dive in.

Session 1- 12:30-2:30pm
Round 1- 12:30-12:55pm
Round 2- 1-1:25pm
Round 3- 1:35-2pm
Round 4- 2:05-2:30pm

Session 2- 8-9:30pm (rounds will be a little shorter)
Round 1- 8-8:20pm
Round 2- 8:25-8:40pm
Round 3- 8:45-9:05pm
Round 4- 9:10-9:30pm

Hope to see you back here later. Happy writing!
Tags: challenge: word race

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