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Weekend Challenge: Feeling Pretty Random

My apologies for a later than usual start on the challenge this week. I was telling myself it wasn't my turn yet because I remembered my turn coincided with election week here and then.... I realized it IS already. It's about to be November. Yikes. My internal calendar is only about ten days off.

Anyway, in honor of random errors, errant brain synapses, etc.... just let me know if you are in, and I will pull you a list of as many random objects as you'd like (three if you don't specify) and an equal number of random places around the world, as chosen by a random latitude/longitude picker. Send your darlings all over the world, or keep 'em home and complicate their lives with the objects- whatever works.

If the prompts inspire art/words/crafty stuff by Thursday 11:00pm Eastern US, I'll gladly write you a ficlet, make you some icons, or put words on a WIP.

Okay... enough about all that... who is in?
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