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WTH Monday?

When a Monday starts off horribly that means the rest of the week is going to be awesome? Right?


So here's my back story and what I'm now looking forward to this week: In July my co-worker quit, did some remote work until the first week in August, but hasn't been here since the third of July. Can't hire someone without my boss meeting them so couldn't start the search till September. Hired someone within a week, and she called to say she took another job before she started. Waited until after my birthday to try again, only two viable applicants, hired one, and she just no-showed on her first day. I this moment I'm not sure if I want to cry or scream. But I will give you:

FLASH CHALLENGE: Reason to be late on your first day of work.

Okay - We are now about 84% through the month, WOW! How are you all doing with your count?

Admin speaking we are changing up the Swap of Joy this year and we are planning on doing the Advent Event again, so you'll be hearing from haldoor and I both soon to get those set up.

agdhani has been kicking but getting things set up for NANO. Take a look and get yourselves braced!

Need a prompt to get yourself in the swing of things:
Caducous - Fortune Cookie - Monger - 870 - Lapidify - Q - Threequel - Ineffable - Weekend Challenge - Vale - Sonambulism

UPDATE: 1.5 hours later she called and overslept. I SO would not want to have to make that call. It's going to be an awesome week!
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