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October-November Bingo 2020 - Cards!

And here are the cards for this Bingo! We have four categories:


Do any or all categories, and feel free to use the prompts however you like. The rules are here. If you want to swap out any prompts for those on another card, that's fine too - I know that not everyone is into the same superhero universes, for instance, so if you create only for Marvel, and want to replace DC/others on your card with other Marvel characters from another card, that's all good! Same goes for any of the other categories where you don't 'feel' a prompt but want to achieve more than a partial fill on that card, go for it! Just let us know what you replaced when you finish.

And before I get totally carried away with suggestions, let's look at the cards! Thank you to the very talented craterdweller for doing these up for us all to enjoy!

Let's be creative out there! ;-)
Tags: challenge: bingo
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