kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

monday. Monday. MONDAY!

Oh joy, it's Monday. Blergh

Did you all have a lovely weekend? Did you get a lot of things done? Did you get to sleep late at all? Even just 5 minutes?

Your flash challenge is "That wasn't on the list." Do with it what you will.

I am at work at the moment, so natrually there are other things I'm supposed to be doing, but I have a 4 day work week this week, and 4 days off this coming weekend, and then 4 days next week. I'm in a bit of a good mood. I have to clean to have the plumber over (hopefully, fingers crossed) to work on my heat on Friday, but I'm still looking forward to a long weekend with the dog. What are your big plans for the week?

How about making some more words? Some more graphics? Here are some prompts you may have overlooked:
Words of the Days - Drabble/Icon Challenge - Weekend Challenge - A to Z Challenge - Number's Challenge - Fortune Cookie Challenge

Big Buddy is at 16%! How are you doing with it?

And that's all I have for you at the moment, go forth and be productive if you can, and enjoy yourselves even if you can't! Happy October!
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