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Weekend Challenge: Noises Off!

Hello everyone! How's your week gone? I hope you're planning a fun weekend - perhaps it includes using some prompts to create more words for y/our count?

This weekend's challenge subject is: SOUND EFFECTS

I've found 30 sounds you might hear in your daily life - whether welcome or not - and hope that these might inspire something fun for one or more of your favourite people/characters.

Ask me for a number or numbers between 1 & 30, or just ask for a random number, and I'll give you the appropriate prompts, then you can take it away and play with it! If you post your words between now and Thursday midnight in your local time, I will reward you with an icon, a drabble, or the promise of 100 words in one of my WIPs!

And if you want to illustrate rather than write, that's all good too! Just make the equivalent of 200+ words or a couple of icons, and we'll call that prompt fulfilled, but longer/more is absolutely encouraged! Use any fandom (or none), any genre, and any characters you like!

So come on down now and collect your prompt/s! ;-)
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