kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

Drive-by Monday

Sorry folks,
Swamped at work today and I just won't be able to do justice to the post with all the links and all the vim and vigor you deserve. I shall endeavor to do better next time.

Your flash challenge: "I can't stand the rain", do with it as you will.

We are 47% of the way through the month, how are you all doing with your Big Buddy pledges?

I am HUGELY encouraged by all the responses to this month's drabble challenge! WE ARE AWESOME!!!

We had a moment last week of someone doing some name calling and screaming out their political agenda, they deleted the comment themselves, but they have been removed and banned from the comm, and we have set a policy of intolerance of intolerance. That said, and putting it firmly behind us, I want you all to know that am also very much grateful for this comm, that we have made it 7 years before it happened. It shouldn't have happened, but I am so proud of this community that it is the glaring deviation, rather than the norm. We try to foster a feeling of acceptance and community no matter what our differences are and I feel, to an extent, that we get that done. Thank you all for putting an effort into being good to each other.

Now go make me more things to count!!!!!
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