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Must be Monday!

WE HIT 2 MILLION WORDS! Really, look! It's so exciting!!!

Okay, on a personal basis, the month of July just completely kicked my butt. The stress and anxiety and... If I thought I was done with 2020 already, I was clearly wrong. I am deciding right now that August is going to be better. So help me!

Your flash challenge: "It's happening, like it or not." Give me 100 words or an icon, and because it's pool party this month, try it in a new fandom.

Again - It's Pool Party Challenge until the end of the month. Get your suit on, tug your floaties into place, and jump in a new fandom of your choice. I'm trying to post some prompts and suggestions of fandoms every few days, so take a look when you get a chance.

Big Buddy: You should be just under 10% of your monthly goal today. How goes it?

Posts from the last week:
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And that's all I have. May your week be filled with creative opportunity and far less stress than usual!
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