a geek in such the wrong way (haldoor) wrote in 1_million_words,
a geek in such the wrong way

Monday is actually Monday!

Unbelievably, I'm actually doing this on Monday!  Go, me!

How is your week starting out?  Mine has been pretty good, considering I wasn't much looking forward to going to work this morning. I managed to finish the work day in a very good place after starting with a bunch of confusing things and going in a few circles, so I'm actually hopeful for the rest of this week!

Now, you should be at about 87% of your goal for Big Buddy, so I hope you've made it!  If not, keep creating - I have faith you'll make it!

We have the usual bunch of challenges, like Daily Count, A-Z, Numbers, Fortune Cookie, Weekend, Word of the Day, and anything that I've missed!  Check out the tags for prompts and ideas (once again I'm on my phone so it's too hard to copy all the links, sorry).

The current long challenge is Pool Party, and it runs all the way through August, so don't hesitate to join in if you haven't started yet, as there's still plenty of time!  Lots of great ideas coming too!

Your flash challenge for today is: You had one job!

Do what you will with it for the pleasure of knowing you created something extra!  Link it here if you feel so inclined!

And finally, what exciting and/or creative plans do you have for this week, comm-related or otherwise?  Mine is to finish the scarf I'm knitting for my daughter in her brand style!  Then at the weekend, I plan to play around with Christmas card craft!  Early, I know, but it's good to get the cards designed in mid-winter (for me in NZ) so I have plenty of time to make them all before posting time rolls around.  I have an idea that I'm looking forward to trying out!

Now, let's be creative out there!  Have a great week, everyone!! ;-)

Tags: challenge: a to z, challenge: big buddy, challenge: flash!, challenge: fortune cookie, challenge: pool party, daily: count challenge, daily: word of the day, monday: accolades, weekend: challenge

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