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Family gathering!

It's a pool party, and maybe you've invited the family.

I love watching the UK version of who do you think you are? I love the way they try and go in-depth on a particular family member rather than just a list of predecessors. And I love how it makes me look at my own family tree.

What about you? Take a look at the people who are just far back enough that you didn't meet them, and maybe the people in your family you've had conversations with didn't meet them either.

What made someone leave their home and move to another country? What made someone stay? Were the marriages for love? Were they arranged? Did they happen at all? Did someone go to war? Did they come back? Entrepreneurs? Trend setters? Black sheep? Dirty rotten scoundrels? And how did that all change them as people?

There are stories there. Is it time to dive into your own gene pool?
Tags: challenge: pool party

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