Lady Tamara (agdhani) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lady Tamara

You did what...where?

Filling in on the spur of the moment, with a little something to spice up the muses weekend.

Give me a number 1-50 (or more than one if the muses are feeling extra adventurous) and I'll provide you with an entry from the '50 most unusual places people have enjoyed sex' list I've compiled.

Muses not feeling sexy? Perhaps they prefer some other activity in the chosen location...sharing a meal, committing a murder, proposing...whatever suits them ;).

200 words, a banner, or 3 icons will gain you either an icon in return, words to my work in progress, my undying admiration...that sort of thing.

Good lets see what the muses get up to...and where!
Tags: weekend: challenge

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