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Monday, Monday!

OK, so it's Tuesday here, but as it's still Monday in most places, I'm doing good!

I'm away from home with the family for a couple of days as we here in NZ have no community transmission of the dreaded c-word and are allowed to travel domestically. It's a short winter break for us, and tourism dollars down, the wonderous Waitomo Caves are today's adventure. Look them up if you need to know more as I'm typing this one-fingered on my phone with the barest thread of 4G connection in the middle of nowhere!

So, you should be approaching 45% on your Big Buddy! I hope it's going brilliantly for you and you are charging through the words!

Please dive into the tags for all our usual challenges; things like Word of the day, Fortune Cookie, Numbers, A-Z, Weekend Challenge and such! If I've missed any of them, please find what you can in the tags list and go for it!

We also have the 5 + 1 Challenge finishing this week, so don't forget to grab yourself a last minute prompt and finish it in style!

I'm thinking our next long challenge is Pool Party, but I can't access any of my lists to confirm that so hopefully K can check if that's right and she'll be letting us know soon. Otherwise I'll check later in the week and we'll get the next one started then.

And your flash challenge for today is: "What's the difference...". Use it however you will! Link 100+ words back here any time for the pleasure of it!

Have a great week, everyone!
Tags: challenge: 5+1, challenge: big buddy, challenge: flash!, challenge: pool party, daily: count challenge, monday: accolades, weekend: challenge

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