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Weekend Challenge - Hockey with a little something on the side

Happy Friday, folks! And today I am stoked because we're only a few short days of hockey's mid-year training camp starting up. Now, I know some of you aren't into hockey, so with the help of Twitter's hockeyporn hashtag, I bring you some snippets from various broadcasts and interviews that could be interpreted very differently. (For myself, this category could also include Connor McDavid skating videos, so if you're looking for that, you're welcome.)

I've put together a list of 50 prompts for your writing pleasure. So give me a number (1-50) or just ask for as many random prompts as you'd like and I'll send them you're way. If you write 200 words or put together some art by midnight on Thursday, July 16, I'll reward you with a drabble or add words to my WIP.

Have fun, happy writing, and let's go Blues!
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