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Weekend Challenge: Have a Little Heart

Can I just say how much I hate the latest version of the LJ app before I get started? It is completely useless and incomprehensible. I need to give them feedback. I just tried to post this entry via the app and it shafted me. I don't understand the stupid app and it isn't fit for purpose.

Now, that out of my way, lets get on with the challenge (which I now have to rewrite in full via the online version in my tiny phone screen all one-finger-typed and all)!

I was talking with my son yesterday about songs with HEART in the title, so it made me think that was a great subject for our Weekend Challenge this time around!

I have a bunch of songs, some quotes, and some random things featuring hearts to offer as prompts. Comment here if you'd like song, quote or random, or any combination (eg. 2 songs, 3 random), or one of all three, and I'll hand you some prompts!

Use any or all of your prompts to create something (200+ words or 2+ graphics) by midnight on Thursday in your time zone and I'll reward you with an icon or a drabble of some kind in return. I can't in all honesty say I could add to a WIP right now as that seems to have dried up for me, but I could offer to crochet a row of the baby blanket I'm currently making in your honour if you don't want an icon or drabble!

Link your creation here so we can all see (if you want) or just comment back here to tell me about it.

Come on down and get your HEART prompts here!
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