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Weekend Challenge Volunteers for July-Dec 2020

Hi everyone, it's your errant mod, H, here. I know I'm not always onto things, but I've just realised that I'm supposed to be running the last scheduled Weekend Challenge this week, which is no problem, but what that means is we don't have anyone scheduled for next weekend or beyond!

So... can anyone who would like to volunteer to tackle this challenge in the months ahead comment here now!

- You can do any number of weekends from 1 to 4 (more if we don't have many volunteers).
- You run them how you see fit on whatever topic/s you like.
- You can offer rewards if you like, and adding words to a WIP is as good as any other reward, in my opinion!
- The challenge post needs to go up on Friday night your time (at the latest, but Friday morning is good too).
- Weekend Challenges are up to be filled until the following Thursday midnight your time.

When you comment to volunteer, please let me know:
1. How many times you can run it.
2. Any weekends you can't do.
3. If you will need reminding.

Once I have a bunch of you listed, I will draw up the new schedule and post it here.

And if I have any volunteers who'd like to do the weekend after next (i.e posting for Fri 10 July), please let me know in your comment!

Thanks everyone - you guys rock! ;-)
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