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Screeching into Wednesday with what should have been Monday's post...

So here I am at last. I know I should be ashamed, because K reminds me well in advance when it's my turn, and I say "I'm on it!" like a trooper, and then I promptly forget. *hangs head* Sorry everyone. I am a Bad Mod. I will try to do better!

Anyhoo, since it is Wednesday here, you should be approaching 80% on your Big Buddy! I hope it's going brilliantly for you and you are charging through the words!

Please dive into the tags for all our usual challenges; things like Word of the day, Fortune Cookie, Numbers, A-Z, Weekend Challenge and such! If I've missed any of them, please find what you can in the tags list and go for it!

We also have the 5 + 1 Challenge ongoing until Mid-July, so don't forget to grab yourself a prompt from all the wondrous ones on offer - thank you so much to our wonderful flipflop_diva for the lists she's put up so far! They look fantastic, so grab the tag and check them out if you want to join in - there's still plenty of time!

As for me, I really can't seem to wrap my head around writing these days, so I'm sticking to the knitting and crochet, which are going well! I have plenty of projects to be going on with, and I will! Maybe I'll have to start counting them instead! ;-)

How are YOU doing? What's the goss, and how are you coping with events these days? If you're having trouble or just want to clear some things off your chest, comment away, or message/email me if you like. I'm a good listener, and while I may not be able to fix anything, I am always willing to be a shoulder.

I know we are very lucky in NZ, despite a small blip of new Covid19 cases recently after we were cleared... they are all related to returning residents or overseas visitors let in for compassionate reasons, and HOPEFULLY the issues with quarantine/border controls are over and community transmission will still be avoided. So far, I'm convinced that's a huge part of why we haven't had the numbers that other countries have - that community transmission has not happened - and they've been able to track all contacts to those who have or had this dreadful disease. I do hope things are improving where all of our members and their loved ones are. *massive hugs*

Oh! And I almost forgot to offer up a flash challenge, so here you go:

An Unexpected Kindness

Create 100+ words/an icon/banner/wallpaper for the pleasure of saying you did it! Link it here if you manage it - no time limit, any genre, character/s, relationship/s! Now, go create! ;-)
Tags: challenge: 5+1, challenge: a to z, challenge: big buddy, challenge: flash!, challenge: numbers, daily: word of the day, weekend: challenge
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