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51. Five times Character A did the right thing and one time they did whatever the heck they wanted.
52. Five times Character A kept their feelings to themselves and one time they let Character B see their true emotions.
53. Five road trips Character A and Character B had together and the one time they just stayed home.
54. Five times Character A took care of someone when they were sick/injured and one time Character B took care of Character A.
55. Five baths Character A and Character B took together and one time they just took a shower instead.
56. Five times the bad guy came after Character A and one time they never got the chance.
57. Five temporary jobs Character A has had and the one job they wanted to keep forever.
58. Five things Character A bought for other people and one thing they bought for themselves.
59. Five presents that someone bought for Character A and the one present someone made for them.
60. Five regrets Character A has and the one thing they would never ever change.

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