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41. Five times Character A couldn’t tell anyone what was wrong and the one time they could.
42. Five times Character A wanted to dance and the one time they were able to.
43. Five times Character A wanted to dance with Character B, and the one time they did dance together.
44. Five parties Character A went to and the one they’ll never forget.
45. Five times something unexpected happened to Character A and the one time Character B was there to witness it too.
46. Five places Character A always wanted to visit, and the one place they finally got to see.
47. Five books Character A read and the one that changed their life.
48. Five things Character A taught Character B and the one lesson Character B taught Character A.
49. Five secrets Character A kept and the one they shared.
50. Five secrets from other people that Character A shared and the one they kept to themselves.

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Tags: challenge: 5+1

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