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Mostly Monday

Well hello there!

Friday found me alone in the office with no urge to work. Quel surprise. So let's see if I can get this done!

Things have been horrible. Not personally, I'm just questioning my life choices, but then don't we all? But it's been a horrible world. All that I can say is that I hope you are safe, I hope you are making mind changing decisions, and I hope that we are all working to make the world a more inclusive place. It doesn't sound like enough, but it's what I have.

Onto the meat of the post:

Big Buddy - You should be at roughly 27% of your month. How are you doing?

Flash Challenge: "You planned this?" Do with it what you will.

Our long challenge has started: 5+1! Are you rocking it already?

Fortune cookie 5/25 - Aeolian - 635 - Garth - Proxemics - Inflorescence - V - Muzz - Weekend challenge 5/29 - Durable - Stir-crazy - Perigrinate - Fortune cookie 6/1 - Iwis - Saponaceous - W - Ylem - Doover - Weekend Challenge 6/5

Go forth and be productive!
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