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31. Five times Character A had a horrible birthday and one time they had a great one.
32. Five times Character A and Character B were caught together and the one time they didn’t even care.
33. Five emails Character A didn’t send and one they actually sent.
34. Five times Character A did the wrong thing and one time they did the right one.
35. Five times Character A was a disaster in the kitchen and one time they made a masterpiece.
36. Five times Character A couldn’t sleep and one time they slept perfectly.
37. Five things Character A admires about Character B and one thing Character B admires about Character A.
38. Five times Character A and B had their plans go wrong and one time everything went perfectly.
39. Five times Character A brought home a stray, and one time the stray just came to them.
40. Five memories Character A shared with Character B and one memory Character B shared with Character A.

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