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21. Five times Character A said “No,” and the one time they were finally able to say “Yes.”
22. Five times Character A said “Can I stay?” to Character B, and the one time they didn’t need to ask.
23. Five times Character A drunk texted Character B, and the one time Character B drunk texted instead.
24. Five times Character A gave Character B an item of their clothing, and one time they gave it back.
25. Five times Character A felt completely alone, and one time they knew they never would be.
26. Five things Character A learned about Character B, and the one she/he already knew.
27. Five times Character A failed spectacularly at something, and the one time they succeeded.
28. Five times Character A accidentally snuggled with someone other than Character B, and the one time they snuggled with Character B.
29. Five people who realized Character A was a badass, and the one person who knew all along.
30. Five things Character A really really hates, and the one they really really love.

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