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A New World Record for Monday Posting!

I am the slackest mod ever... and I do apologise. For some reason, while I am at home more during these crazy times, I seem to be online less, and being able to complete a whole post seems really difficult, so please forgive me my absence.

This is a fly-by posting even so as I'm supposed to be working, and somehow working at home makes me even more responsible about doing what I do, and I feel bad for taking up too much time here.

Anyway, Happy Belated Monday! I hope your week is going as fast as mine seems to have done, as it's already Thursday here in the Land of the Long White Cloud! The good news here is we are probably going to Covid19 Level 1 in NZ very soon, which means back to normal pretty much, apart from Border Security, due to most of the world still having it much worse. We haven't had a case for 12 days, and I don't think we have anyone in hospital. I hope it's starting to look better where you are too.

And may I also say that #blacklivesmatter. I can't believe some of what is going on in the US at the moment, and hope to hell that this brings about some change. Virtual hugs to any of you who are close to what's happening, or know people affected by it all. I know there were people out in support all over NZ recently, in spite of Level 2 restrictions.

FINALLY, to business. Please check all the tags for last week's challenges, as I just don't have time to link them all. I do know there was some great stuff going on, and LOOK! flipflop_diva has kicked off the new long challenge of 5+1, so be sure to grab that tag and see what prompts are up - it looks fantastic!

Thanks, too, to angelus2hot for running the wonderful Bingo challenge over the last few weeks! You did awesome, Angel, and so did the participants! *cheers*

If you're doing Big Buddy this month, you should be on 13% already - how are you doing?

And this month's flash challenge is " You didn't tell me that before!". Go create - any number of words or graphics, just to add to your word count and so I can say how wonderful you are! Link me in here if you do something!

Yes, I will get to the count - bear with me! It will probably be this weekend though, so get those updates in while you still have some extra time!

Now, go forth and create!!!
Tags: #blacklivesmatter, challenge: 5+1, challenge: big buddy, challenge: bingo, monthly: stats posting

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