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11. Five times Character A was lost and one time they were found.
12. Five times Character A and Character B had sex and one time they didn’t.
13. Five times Character A and Character B didn’t have sex and one time they did.
14. Five times Character A pranked someone and one time they were pranked in return.
15. Five dreams Character A had and one dream that came true.
16. Five complicated relationships Character has and one that isn’t complicated at all.
17. Five times Character A lost a fight and one time they won.
18. Five times the group takes care of one of their own and one time they all take care of each other.
19. Five times Characters A and B were interrupted making out and one time they weren’t.
20. Five assumptions that turned out to be false and one that turned out to be true.

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Tags: challenge: 5+1

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