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Hi everyone! Welcome to our new long challenge: 5 + 1. This will run from today through July 15.

Every other day, starting from today until July 1, I will make a post with 10 new 5 + 1 prompts. Whenever you see one that you like, you can start writing. July 2 to July 15 will be reserved for some final cheering.

The rules are simple:
• Fics should be at least 1,000 words long. But if you prefer to do drabbles, then you can just write two of them to reach the 1,000 words.
• If you choose to do graphics, there should be at least 2 little graphics (icons, etc.) per each of the 5 + 1 things. For bigger graphics that take a lot of time, you can do one graphic for each of the 5 + 1 things.
• You can tweak the prompts in whatever way works for you, or if you have your own idea you've been dying to write, that is fine too!
• I'll make participation banners for anyone who meets the requirements. If you double the requirements, I'll make you either icons or write you a ficlet in a fandom of your choice (out of the ones I can work with).

Once you've finished your fic or graphics, please drop me a note or a link here! That's just so it's easier for me to keep track. If you don't want to post it publicly, you can just leave the basic info (fandom, prompt, word count) and that will be good enough.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know! And I hope you all have fun!
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