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Weekend Challenge- Imagine Your OTP... and person/place/or thing.

Hi there! It's Blursday again (my favorite term I've learned since this WFH thing started)... *but* this Blursday is the start of the weekend for me and that's still a thing to celebrate. Hope it is for you, too.

For our challenge this weekend, just let me know you are in. I'll send you three scenarios for your OTP or OT3 or whatever configuration of your darlings are inspiring you lately. Also, for a second set of prompts just let me know if you'd prefer 'person, place, or thing' and along with the scenarios I'll send you a short list of auto-generated prompts (places, things or people).

Publish some art or a fic by Thursday, and I'll make you some icons, write you a ficlet, or put words on a WIP - just request your reward when you post and I'll get on it!

'Kay- who is in?
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