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Word of the Day 05/25/20 Aeolian

Aeolian (adjective)
Aeolian [ ee-oh-lee-uh n ]

1. pertaining to Aeolus, or to the winds in general.
2. (usually lowercase) of or caused by the wind; wind-blown.

Origin: 1595–1605; Aeoli(us) pertaining to Aeolus + -an -an


Aeolian (adjective, noun)
Aeolian or E·o·li·an [ ee-oh-lee-uh n ]

1. Also Aeolic. belonging to a nation of people in ancient Greece named after Aeolus, its legendary founder.

2. a member of one of the four main divisions of the prehistoric Greeks.: Compare Achaean(def 5), Dorian 1 (def 2), Ionian(def 3).
3. Aeolic(def 1).

Origin: 1580–90; < Latin Aeoli(ī) (< Greek Aioleîs the Aeolians, with change of suffix) + -an

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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