flipflop_diva (flipflop_diva) wrote in 1_million_words,

(A very late) Weekend Challenge: Where, What, When

Hi everyone! Apologies for this being very late. Let's just say work was not nice this past week, and my energy last night was at a low point, but I am here now and ready to do this.

I was thinking of the game of Clue, so this is partly inspired by that. Except you are going to provide the character or characters you might like to write about. Then for each one, I will give you a place, a household object and a time. Use any or all of those as inspiration for a fic. Bonus points if it ties into a murder xD

Write 200 words or make a graphic and post it back here by Friday morning (giving a little extra time since I'm so late!), and I will write you a drabble or make you an icon or add words to a WIP in your honor.
Tags: weekend: challenge
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